about us



INTERNA was founded in 1975 starting as the Sole Agent of one European Manufacturer.  It has proved an impressive activity ever since, all over MIDDLE EAST, specializing in products related to the Fabrication of Aluminium Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls.

During all these years INTERNA was expanded been the Exclusive Agent of several European Manufacturers, representing and promoting their products with quite impressive results.  Through a perfectly organized Regional Network and highly qualified Personnel, INTERNA achieved high volumes of sales establishing strongly in the Region the brand names of the Manufacturers it represents.


INTERNA has stood for a close relationship to its Customers and Principals for more than 30 years. The staff of INTERNA GROUP meets this standard every day contributing their know-how, experience and comprehensive service.

INTERNA’s commitment is the ongoing improvement of the quality of its services, while targeting higher and higher volume of sales.


We take the high degree of satisfaction of our Customers in our branches as confirmation that we are on the right path to future continuous growth of our unique Regional Network. This is what makes INTERNA strong! : an impressive Network of Customers all over the Middle Eastern countries and the power of our European Principals..


By founding new locations and expanding the existing ones, we are following – in particular to our Customers’ and Principals’ benefit – one of our ultimate ambitions: continuous and sustainable growth.

The top priority for all INTERNA staff is to maintain a very high standard of SERVICES.  Our daily efforts focus on the best and most reliable SERVICES in two directions: to our Customers AND to our Principals. Our Network’s in Middle East enable us to provide both our Customers and Principals a fast and outstanding quality in Material and Service.


                                                                        THE INTERNA SERVICE !!